Cosplay Erotica: Fix ME Up!

The Final Fantasy saga has been one of the most prolific in videogame history. I can still remember playing the first episode, and after thirty years the franchise still kicks, having spawned no less than fifteen episodes of the game, numerous spin offs, comics, animes and movies, including a theatrical movie in 2001 that has become a milestone for many reasons (one in particular concerning us: the first full CGI actress, Aki Ross).

But no fantasy world would be complete without some hot chicks, and Final Fantasy makes no exception. In the last episode we can find Cindy Aurum, here portrayed by beautiful Liuna, a mechanic that is clearly not worried of grease stains as she covers herself very little!

Liuna is wonderful in giving us this portrayal, catching the spirit of the character and showing off whatever little her original costume kept hidden.

Cosplay Erotica writes:

Cindy Aurum is the head mechanic of the Hammerhead garage in Final Fantasy XV. She services the player’s car, the Regalia, and can customize and upgrade it.

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