GodsGirls: Lenore’s blueberry bath

FUck! That was my first reaction to this amazing photo set the lovely Lenore posted a few days ago. It is just mesmerizing, she’s laying there in a bathtub looking so damn beautiful, she’s the perfect portrait of eroticism and sensuality, and trust me when I say this, her every picture is a fucking work of art. There is so much emotion and passion, I can’t even find the words, no matter what I say it’s not even close, but I’m sure you’ll get it once you see Lenore‘s beautiful body glide through the purple water.

Lenore is a gorgeous girl with a smoking hot body and besides being a work of art she’s also an amazing artist, so when you check out her photo sets make sure you check Photo projects, they are exquisitely beautiful!

GodsGirls writes:

a new set of mine is going live and I’m so excited! You should be too, because it’s pretty fucking nice. My partner helped with the photography

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