GirlsWay’s My Little Lesbian Pony experience

Best girlfriends Jenna and Serena are all dolled up in vibrant color and tight bodysuits for their Brony convention. They find themselves in quite a disagreement over one of their favorite characters. Since they are both very form in their beliefs they agree to a little bet: whoever’s wrong has to give the other girl a nice big orgasm.
Turns out, Serena has been right from the start and she’s ready to claim her reward. Realising she lost, Jenna gets down to business stripping her girl naked and giving her what she asked for: she licks every inch of her sexy naked body making that pussy soaking wet. Serena starts things off hot and heavy and straddles her girlfriend. Sitting on her face she demands a good facefuck as Jenna licks her to orgasm. After she’s done cumming all over her, Serena now wants her way with Jenna. She just can’t resist her sexy ass and sticks her tongue inside her tight hole.

This video and photo set are full of x-rated lesbian obscenities that will undoubtedly satisfy your cravings for girl-on-girl action. GirlsWay always delivers: Brony girlfriends in tight costumes with even tighter bodies, fucking senseless. What a treat!

GirlsWay writes:

Dream Pairings: My Little Jenna
Getting all dressed up for a Brony and Pony cosplay party, girlfriends Jenna Sativa and Serena Blair prove you’re never too grown up for a cartoon obsession. Both girls are huge fans of the animated classic, and they look super hot in their colorful costumes and glittery makeup. When the girls can’t agree if Jenna’s character wore wings, Serena bets that she did and Jenna promises to make her orgasm if she loses.

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