GodsGirls: Miss Lolo’s Portable Beauty

We have the fortune of living in a time where everything is portable. Between cellphones and tablets we can access an ever increasing amount of data, and information is so widely shared that many people are able to work and travel at the same time: certainly one of the boons of this age.

Up to now, however, it has proven difficult to fit affection, beauty and human warmth in a portable device, but Miss Lolo’s experiment in this set is certainly worth the effort. This blonde beauty will fit into a very practical suitcase, ready to follow you in your adventures around the world and provide adequate coverage to your aesthetic needs. Other restrictions may apply, don’t try this at home. 🙂

GodsGirls writes:

I yam what I yam. I love all things obscure, latex, tattoos, video games, bondage, kitties, weed, coffee and I’m a little obsessed with all things hello kitty =^_^= I love being nude and have been alt modeling since 2007.

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