Burning Angel: In the Dungeon in Pink

I’m a person that likes contrast, and this set is all about stark contrast. The beautiful Severin Graves is in a dark dungeon, rust and dirt all around her, and dressed in cute pink and purple; a nice smile on her pink lips and showing off her young body and her vast collection of tattoos. Happy, mindless kawaii against dark, foreboding irons.

The many cute pieces of ink (hello there, Totoro, old pal!) would almost look out of place, were it not for the visible scars on Severin’s marble skin. It is a set that, to look for a defect, ends too soon. After all, a dungeon like this one looks like a promise of further development! We’ll enjoy this set, and look forward to a sequel.

Burning Angel writes:

I am trapped in a dungeon of Severin Graves’ love, and tits and ass. I don’t mind!

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