CortanaBlue Starts The Fun That Will Make Her Cum

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There’s a point where CortanaBlue sits back on her bed and spreads her legs to show you her beautiful shaved pussy, and when you see this, your dick hardens even more, because you recognize this as her getting ready to play with herself.

CortanaBlue then takes out some lube and carefully applies it on her pussy, making it glisten and look deliciously moist as her fingers tease her clit and a black toy begins making its way towards it to start the vibrating fun that will make her cum.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Welcome to my room! I am a very smol Canadian currently residing downtown Toronto, with my 3 cats Mozzarella, Pancake & Maple Blue. Mozzarella is a blue bi-colour rag doll, Pancake is a silver shaded British Shorthair, and Maple is a lilac British Shorthair.

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