VeronicaChaos Takes Off Her Panties Slowly

VeronicaChaos bites her lower lip seductively and gets up off her chair. Her top is rolled up to offer a magnificent view of her shapely tits while keeping her Babydoll cosplay from SuckerPunch unaffected.

Her hips sway erotically and her hands play with her tits, slowly reaching down and lifting her skirt to show her panties and give them a chance to say farewell to all the naughty eyes fixated on them. The music and the city background offer a contrast that makes it easier to admire her hot movements.

VeronicaChaos slowly peels off her underwear but leaves her panties just around her juicy thighs and focuses her attention on her now naked pussy and her ass as a wonderful tease ensues, where she brings back her chair to lean on it and advance the sensuality of her erotic showcase.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Hi! I’m Veronica Chaos. I’m an adult performer and ventriloquist who is passionate about making absurd pornographic comedy art. I got started in adult ventriloquism on MyFreeCams a couple of years ago and it was the beginning of the most amazing adventure!
About me, I’m a homebody who spends most of my time learning new skills and making art for my prdocutions. I recently started trying to figure out JS and Blender, and I’m always exploring After Effects. I would at some point like to learn 3D rendering to create interactive environments for my work. I’m currently working on sculpting/molding/casting puppets which is a lot of fun! Fiberglass is really neat to work with! I have two rescue cats, Pugsley and Wednesday, who are the cutest menaces you’ve ever seen.
My favorite TV show is Deep Space Nine and I really love Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons, Oingo Boingo, and They Might Be Giants.
You can follow me @VeronicaChaos to keep updated on my daily happenings!

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