NecroNicki Gets A Mouthful And Some Anal Fun

NecroNicki opens her mouth and points her toy right at it, stopping for a moment so you can see her wet tongue inviting it to slide inside her throat, and after you’ve gotten a good look, she starts to suck it with lustful hunger.

She stops only to let a bit of drool land on her tits, and NecroNicki then slaps them with her toy before she gets a mouthful again, and can continue deepthroating, slurping and sucking greedily until she finishes her blowjob session in the best way possible: with a huge, satisfied smile.

That’s not all though, because after her sweet oral show, she takes a different dildo, this one purple in color, and strokes it as if to get it at its hardest, and then she slowly bends over, with her ass filling up the frame, and she begins teasing her asshole with her finger, preparing it to welcome her big toy.

You’ll hold your breath in excitement at the fantastic sight of her giving her ass a nice, hard pounding, and once again, and if you think this is the peak of her eroticism, think again, because NecroNicki then sits on her bed, her dildo still deep inside her ass, and she takes a riding crop to treat her pussy to some quick spanks.

This erotic queen’s naughtiness knows no end, so don’t even blink, because you might miss something awesome.

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