Unicorn ROXYCAT Masturbation In Fishnets

ROXYCAT is a lovely unicorn today, and a very horny one too. She’s got little ears and the iconic horn, and she is wearing a blue leotard that shows the magic of her sensuality while it allows her to pull down on the top to show you her tits, or move the bottom part to the side to show you her pussy.

There’s another irresistible item she’s got on today: fishnet stockings. ROXYCAT is wearing them under the leotard, which adds the sexy touch of having her show you her pussy through them, making it feel like she is so ready for some steamy action that she can’t wait another second to get started.

The pink receiver of her interactive vibrator is poking out of her pussy, inviting you to play with it, and she is enhancing the pleasure of the moment with her fingers, slowly rubbing her pussy up and down, at times even poking the device to make it more tempting to send her a surprise vibration that makes her moan as her hips rock back and forth with ecstasy.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

?Freaky? kitty? Touch my butt and buy me pizza!

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