EmrieJae Has Fun With Clamps And Spanks

Busty EmrieJae has some amazing talents, two of them are stuffed into her bra in fact, and she is sharing them with us tonight, as well as a few others. She pops that epic set of tits out of her bra and they burst forth to freedom as our collective breath is taken away. She goes and gets some nipple clamps with a red chain between them, and attaches them to her nipples tightly. She zooms in the camera to give us a closeup of her tits with the clamps firmly tightened down. She also treats us to a little rear view love when she stands up and gives her lovely ass a spanking with a big black paddle. Come and join this awesome Aussie EmrieJae now and enjoy the breast start to your day!

EmrieJae Has Fun With Clamps And Spanks
Sexy Cam Girl writes:

I’m Emrie. People here might call me Nez, Em or a bunch of other things.

My room is full of games, prizes, laughs & drinks.
Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself. We love to make new friends, and I love to learn more about you all!

When I’m not on MFC or working, I like to play games, fiddle with code, explore the great outdoors or read.
You can play WoW, BD:O, Minecraft, ESO or many other Steam games with me by tipping for my Discord below!

I’m really weird, our room is pretty weird too. You’ve been forewarned.
I only do privates with regulars or club members.

EmrieJae Has Fun With Clamps And Spanks
EmrieJae Has Fun With Clamps And Spanks

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