Vaughn Belak coffee table book

BlueBlood‘s Amelia G and Forrest Black are working with painter Vaughn Belak on a coffee table book entitled Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets and it features his newest paintings! Vaughn Belak is a talented artist, and his work speaks to the alternative culture. From the very beginning, Vaughn has developed a unique style, impossible to mistake for anything else. His early work features a mix of his own characters, as well as pop culture and horror ones, such as Nosferatu, Poe, and Wolverine. My favorites of his paintings portray a strong, independent woman, she is beautiful, she is dark and unapologetic. She has big eyes, dark makeup and often horns. Vaughn’s characters all have that defying look, they couldn’t give a fuck about your opinion, and they are hot as hell. The first glance is enough to see why his art is appealing to the fans of the alternative/goth culture, and the more you look, the prettier it gets, after all, the devil’s in the details. A form of this article ran in our companion magazine AltStar, but I wanted to post here too because there are only a couple hours left to pledge his Kickstarter and get the limited edition T-shirt he is making along with his book. It is already funded, so now it is just making it even better! AltPorn.Net is a backer!

Vaughn Belak writes:

Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets: Dark Art & Inspiration

Hardcover book of paintings by Vaughn Belak – inspired by horror, fairytales, myth, nude gothic girls, sobriety and the abyss.

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