GodsGirls: Witch Anastassia Wicked Temptation

There is a lot of hotness about Anastassia dressed up as a witch; however, it is not the costume itself what makes this set great, but the whimsical aspect that she brings to it, which she demonstrates by playfully biting her finger, and with the way she poses, completely showing you her erotic side right away either by showing you something simple, yet powerful, like her purple panties, or hiding her clothed body behind her starry hat before pulling up on her clothes to allow you a quick view of her lingerie.

I especially like her makeup for this GodsGirls shoot, because it is both glamorous and alluring, with the purple eyeshadow and the deep red lipstick that increases her seductive appearance, while she continues posing on her black and purple lingerie for you, carefully taking off her costume until she can bring you into her magical world of eroticism even more by letting you see her bare body, with Anastassia maintaining the playful aura in each pose, stare and smile, treating you to a great view of her erotic nature.

GodsGirls writes:

Name Anastassia
Age 69
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Gay
Occupation Coffee consumer, dream crusher
Hometown Alderaan
Why Im a GodsGirl Because GodsGirls are sexy, smart, and full of personality. They may have pretty faces but that isn’t all there is… They’ve got soul!
Superhero Power Boob missiles
Name Anastassia


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