New Bad Dragon Web Store is Live

We’re all big fans of the creative sexy work that our friends over at Bad Dragon do and they just recently launched a big upgrade to their web store that we’re very excited about. Plus, we’re honored that they have a special section just for award winning toys where they highlight some of our AltPorn Award winning favorites. Bad Dragon is also having a big Labor Day sale this weekend, with a full 20% off your entire order!

The new site is cleanly organized and offers a lot more search settings, so you can find what you like from their huge collection much more easily. Searching their ready-made, clearance, and flop offers is much easier too. I have to admit, I was missing the black beer-cans-for-size pictures, until I figured out the cool new “Actual Size Tool” where you can display comparative silhouettes of any toys they offer, in any size available, side by side. Then, you hold a standard credit card up to the image of a card on your screen and adjust the display size to match with a slider until all the toys are show at their actual dimensions. It’s a pretty cool tool to play with and it gives a very real sense of proportions. It also displays the important measurement stats for exact comparison as well, both in circumference and diameter (remember High School geometry? Well, you don’t have to. They took care of it for you.)

Oh, and if you create a (free) user account on the site, you can even switch your display settings preferences to “Enable Fantasy Mode” which replaces standard product descriptions and product photos with stories, descriptions, and images that include references to fantasy or anthropomorphic themes. I’m really happy that Bad Dragon found a way to keep their crazy characters and themes integrated with their awesome product display. I highly recommend taking a little tour of their new website. Pick yourself out a treat, you deserve it.

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