The Holy Trinitiy: TheLadyAdore, WingID_Lust, and NikkiNyx

How about that! Last time it was double trouble with TheLadyAdore and WingID_Lust, and today it’s a happy threesome. We are very happy to welcome NikkiNyx into the mix and she’s in the middle of a painful initiation ritual. The three sexy ladies are dressed for sin in their naughty leather and PVC nun outfits. The echoes of Mass Choir are heard in the background as the newcomer Nikki is getting her juicy ass whipped literally hundreds of times by Sister Adore and Sister Lust. She has to count each lash out loud and the senior sisters aren’t being gentle AT ALL. As the poor girl finally reaches the number 250 she has but a few moments to recover before the tip bell goes off once more. 50 more lashes! When they’re finally done they gently caress her red sore booty before moving on to even more acts of vulgarities and obscenities.

Sexy Cam Girl writes: . NSFW +18. Tattooed. Proudly owned BDSM lifestyler. Cam model, alt model, writer and adult film producer.

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