Princess of Cute Miss_Mao Atop Her Throne of Plush

A Miss_Mao show is always an experience: it’s like taking the best batch of psychedelic drugs! I know her as the indisputable princess of everything cute thanks to her sweet adorable giggle and bubbly personality. Brace yourselves cuz today she’s sure to give you a real sugar rush! Wearing only a very small – very, very, small – bikini, showing off that damn sexy bod, she built a wall of plush. Made outta her plush toy friends, to be precise.

She looks super cozy swimming in the sea of her furry friends.This gives her fans some ridiculously brilliant tasks for her to undertake. Miss_Mao goes from spanking her booty with a fluffy dessert to moaning from pleasure with a Hitachi in hand atop her fuzzy throne. With a pink ballgag in her mouth. Forgot to mention that.

This. Is. Fucking. Awesome.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

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