Flower Butt Plug And Whisper Sensuality With HarloweBlue

HarloweBlue, or “AnitaDickInMe”, as she is called on this show, is sharing a lovely moment with you where you can feel the coziness and beauty of her presence and her unique sensuality with her delicate smile, her suggestive moves, and the fantastic view of her scrumptious nude body.

This is a show that’ll leave a perfect impring on your mind that you can then evoke at any time you desire, because she is showing off her cute flower butt plug completely resting inside her ass while she teases herself with her fingers.

To make things even better, while her plug stays inside her, HarloweBlue moves in closer to her microphone to treat you to an amazing ASMR moment where her whispers pleasure your ears with her soft voice alluring you intensely, and then having you slip into a relaxing moment so you are totally receptive and ready for her upcoming anal show.

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