ItsLex_ Butt Plug Birthday Celebration

ItsLex_ is celebrating her birthday today, and has decided to treat you to high levels of sensuality while you watch her in the amazingly erotic party she’s throwing right now.

She starts by letting you enjoy the perfect combo of intense beauty that her lovely eyes, her gorgeous smile and her magnificent tits provide, and she adds some spice to the scene with a butt plug, but before it can enter her body, it needs to be slippery, so she takes it and gives it a couple sensual licks and sucks before she shows you a close up of her ass at the time that she slowly inserts her plug while you get to see it slowly penetrating her.

It is a happy day for her, and she’s made it a hot, happy and unforgettable day for you too.

Happy Birthday ItsLex_!

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

I am a 22 year old girl living in the Pacific Northwest. I love exploring and going on adventures. When I’m not off frolicking in the woods or cuddling with my kitties, I’m online hanging out with you guys!

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