It’s VeraBambi’s Sexy Birthday Party!

It is VeraBambi‘s birthday tonight and she even brought a clown! Okay, well… she is the clown, but that is a damned hot clown. She also brought cupcakes, which she takes a couple neat bites of before smashing them against her ample tits and rubbing the icing into her chest. She tries licking her fingers clean but they just keep getting messy again, so she decided to add a little whipped cream to the mix. She opens up her mouth and sprays the thick white cream into her mouth, filling it up before she swallows it. Then, since she has all that cupcake on her tits, she sprays the cream all over her chest.

VeraBambi may be dressed as the worlds sexiest clown, but I am not joking when I say you should go to her room and wish this lovely girl a happy birthday. I’m sure it will be the icing on the cupcake for her birthday wishes!

It's VeraBambi's Sexy Birthday Party!
Sexy Cam Girl writes:

About Me
Username: VeraBambi
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 67 inches
Age: 24
City: Gotham
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Drink: Light
Occupation/Major: W W W . V E R A B A M B I . C O M

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