BurningAngel: Charlotte Sartre Fulfills Her Hot Cheating Fantasy

Charlotte Sartre is a goth seductress with a crush on her boyfriend’s best friend, and in this BurningAngel set you get the amazing chance to see her living that fantasy as she manages to sneak into Small Hands’ dressing room and convince him to share a nice, long fuck with her.

She appears incredibly seductive from the start. Her movements are slow and calculated, all aimed at helping her on her sexy cheating plan, and when she kneels down and starts to suck on the cock she’s dreamed so much about, you can see the thrill in her eyes as she finally gets to do all the dirty things she’s been wanting to do with it for a long time, and she’s not leaving until he fucks her brains out.

Burning Angel writes:

Small Hands has a lot of groupies always sneaking around looking for trouble (aka his penis), but when his drummer’s girlfriend Charlotte Sartre confessed to him that she’s always wanted to play with his cock and drops her dress revealing her petite tits, the beautiful sight and overwhelming guilt gave him a raging boner. So wrong on so many levels, but being bad feels so good! Receiving a combination of pleasure and punishment via throat fucking and a hard anal sex, Charlotte loved every moment. While her boyfriend was loading out, she was cheating on him earning his best friend’s hot load!

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