Sailor Hottie ViciousFeline

A tight top with an amazing cleavage, a cute pink choker and hot blue panties make the Sailor Moon cosplay that ViciousFeline is wearing tonight while she showcases her lovely personality and her sexy body as she teases you with a moon rod toy that aches to play with her pussy.

ViciousFeline keeps increasing the temperature when she takes off her panties and does some sexy up and down motions while you watch mesmerized, and then she takes her hand and begins rubbing he rpussy with a gentle circular motion as she gives you that sensual look that you know and love as it makes things incredibly lustful and enjoyable.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

You can call me Feline. Im from Ontario Canada and im 28 yrs old. I have done many types of jobs in my time but none were great. After loosing my last factory job i decided to try Alternative Modeling, which led to the adult industry, camming specifically. I then started trying it out, decided to be my own boss because this is the best job Ive ever had. I enjoy people, being outgoing and literally entertaining. Ive always been a very open person and find that this type of work really suits me. So at 28 im diving head first into Modeling and Camming. I hope you come hang out in my chat and get to know me ?

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