GodsGirls: Pichi’s Tribute to Art

I found this particular set from Pichi truly impressive. The set itself is named “L’Origine du Monde”, after an oil painting from Courbet (1866) of a nude female hip, but the the sharp contrast in the pictures and the poses bring to my mind another name from Art History, the name of Caravaggio – with his expressive poses and his use of light.

Each and every picture in this set has the lights, the pose, the grain and the color of a painting, and yet there is a clear choice for realism in the details. Pichi looks in every moment like a real woman, made of real flesh, skin and hair, rather than an idealized version of one. It’s so inviting I would like to enter the screen and touch her!

GodsGirls writes:

About Me: Oh hello!
Im a silly, glitter loving person who spends way too much time on trains.
Why Im a GodsGirl: 1. Meet amazing people.
2. Perv at other girls boobs.
3. I love showing off my own boobs.

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