Zia_xo: double vibe-double pleasure

Zia_xo is wearing a beautiful lace one piece today, and the whole setting in her room looks very romantic.

As usual, she spends a bit of time chatting and being the cutest thing ever, before engaging in the naughty stuff. First item on the naughty list: nipple clamps, and Zia_xo looks like she’s enjoying the painful 4 minutes as her pretty nipples turn hard.

She removes her clothes and naked means naughty, so she starts doing one of her signature blowjobs: up-close, full eye contact and a whole lot of sexy. Zia_xo uses the same toy to penetrate her pussy, and while that vibrates inside her, there’s also a Hitachi that pleasures her from the outside.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

A gentle heart

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