ForestBonnie: Spiderwoman body paint

How fucking amazing is ForestBonnie? She looks stunning, she’s fun and cute and she paints amazing works of art on her naked body, she’s a work of art.

ForestBonnie has chosen an amazing subject for today, she did a Spiderman/Spiderwoman, well more like Spiderman, because from what I remember, Spiderwoman’s costume looked entirely different. But back to our sexy lady and her beautiful body paint art, she’s done a ripped costume paint, as if she’s back from a vicious fight with villains and she’s ready to seduce you.

ForestBonnie even made her eye makeup match the theme of the paint. With all the talent, the beauty and the sweet personality, you’d be a fool not to like her.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

good vibes distributor & plant hoarder extraordinaire

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