Razorcandi: Sexy Selfie Shots

Selfies are a tricky path to walk for a photographer. Getting the composition, the lights, the focus and even the expression right requires a great deal of talent. Luckily for us, if there’s one thing Razor Candi doesn’t lack, is talent.

Her beauty and creativity mix together in this set of photos to bring us all of her sexiness in a format that, against all its inherent difficulties, doesn’t fail to shine. She will undress under your very eyes up to the latest piece of lingerie, rolling over in her bed and feeling like you are in the very same room. A nice addition to her big collection of hot sets.

Razor Candi writes:

Another spur of the moment selfie shoot. I’ve only used this cute two piece once before and thought it would be a cute match for my current hair color. I know most of you enjoy the more intimate side of these so I also took some extra time to shoot a hot selfie video as well! Enjoy!

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