BurningAngel: Charlotte Sartre Has Fun With Owen Gray And Will Havoc

“Double penetration was the only course of action to right past wrongs.”

Um, yes. I’m pretty sure we can all agree with that, am I wrong? Charlotte Sartre, Owen Gray, and Will Havoc let us all indulge in our step sibling romance after things get physical in a bad way, they get physical in a very, very good way for everyone involved. Especially for Charlotte Sartre. This black haired and collared beauty gets two very hot hunks all to herself and she takes full advantage of it. From blowjobs to double penetration, this girl gets it all. And with the look on her face during this set, you can tell she’s loving every second of it. And so are we.

Burning Angel writes:

Goth kitten Charlotte Sartre and Owen Gray were relaxing at home watching the game when Owen asked his beloved for another drink. Upon looking for an ice cold beverage for her beau, she discovered her bastard stepbrother Will Havoc took the last beer AGAIN. MOTHER FUCKER! Enraged, she hatched a murderous plan to destroy her kinfolk, only to be stopped by her boyfriend who proclaimed that stepbrothers are for loving, not for killing! Nobody could disagree with that logic! Double penetration was the only course of action to right past wrongs.

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