BlueBlood: Sabrina Sees New England Summertime

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Blue Blood. I love a gorgeous redhead. Okay, well I’m inclined to love anyone who is gorgeous, spunky, and loves to be outdoors- and that is just what Sabrina and this set is all about. We’ve got a beautiful woman and a beautiful background. Water, trees, greens, and rocks. Otherwise known as New England in the summer!

Sabrina has this cute sexiness to her. Maybe it’s the sunglasses or the way she blows bubbles in the first couple shots. Maybe it’s her pink bram her tongue piercing, or her willingness to strip down outside. Whatever it is, I know this won’t be last time I check out a set from her!

Blue Blood writes:

This set was taken on the embankment of the Penobscot River, a historic river once used to transport logs from Northern Maine to Southern Maine. I’d first flown Sabrina to work with me in March, and the cold New England weather made shooting outside difficult. Three months later when things had heated up a bit, I flew her back for round two! I wasn’t surprised when she stepped off the plane with bright locks since she’s known to dye her hair vibrant colors on a regular basis. The weather was gorgeous for this shoot, and it was nice to have some green in the background as opposed to the drab winter colors we’d had to deal with a few months prior. I was also glad Sabrina got a chance to experience New England in the summertime, and she seemed to enjoy it as well!
-Doug Markwith


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