BlueBlood: Mosh all dolled up at the trainyard

Mosh looks so freaking sexy all dolled up in rubber clothing! Every single curve of her flawless body looks perfect, and her pretty face and attitude make this shot even more arousing. Mosh is wearing a small top, a garter belt and stocking, all rubber of course, and high heels. She’s very flexible as well. The light and setting couldn’t be better and her pale skin and white hair with those red lips…that just looks amazing! There’s also a few shots of her mile-long legs and juicy ass. Check the full photo set for more shots of Mosh she’s a very hot doll!

Blue Blood’s RubberDollies writes:

Mosh is a really interesting looking girl and she looks really hot in rubber. We seem to have a kind of high number of naughty sets shot on or around trains. Not sure just how Freudian the origins of that really are, but they do tend to be fun to look at, so it’s all good. It’s actually been a while since I’ve taken a train anywhere. Clearly, taking some hot girls in rubber along for the trip would be motivational. Anyway, enjoy the set.

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