GodsGirls: Calico Boho Gypsy Style

Oh my Gods(Girls) today I’m kinda speechless to be honest. I’ve been going through Calico’s set and I’m floored by it. All boho, gypsy-sh.

Personally, I love a set that takes place on a bad feels really welcoming. I also love a set that has anything to do with chains, and Calico has a whole bunch of chained in good spots to look at! Actually, the whole outfit in the beginning of this set looks amazing and so well put together, with the stockings, the skirt, the lace, the hand accessories! Oh and that back tattoo! It’s jaw dropping. The background is just as awesome of a part of this set as Calico is. Well, okay no- she’s way more stunning.

GodsGirls writes:

Hi Im Calico, most peeps call me Cali or CaliCat.
Im a Sweet thing nymphomaniac, that enjoys the beautiful simple and crazy shit in life.
I am pretty much completely addicted to painting and drawing,
Im a workaholic, but I’m proud of the little life that i have built for myself 🙂


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