2017 AltPorn Awards presented by MyFreeCams Party Pics 1

Here is the first gallery of photos from around the event at the APN 2017 AltPorn Awards presented by MyFreeCams. These images were shot by fabulous photographer and man about town Michael Pao. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter. The series of images includes both shots of the actual awards presentation ceremony, hosted by our incredible MC Jeffrey Damnit and our Trophy Goddess (and APN Magazine covergirl) Malice McMunn. Plus there are lots of fun shots of VIPs enjoying goodies from the swag bags. Blue Blood model Alley Shiver and Peeling Grey lead singer Andy Smith are getting into their copy of APN Magazine, Charlotte Sartre looks ready to smack someone with that Pleasure Chest paddle, and we don’t know what Doll_Parts and Paige Pierce are planning to do with those MFC green silicone vibrators, but we are guessing it is going to be something really really fun. The editors of Fleshbot are ready to relax in some MFC slippers. Yes, the AltPorn Awards goodie bags even included slippers for the morning after. MFC cam model and all around VIP Ari Dee exclaimed on Twitter:

“@AltPornNet Awards had some of the best swag bags ever ?? I’m knee deep in lube from @bad_dragon & swag from @MyFreeCams

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