RazorCandi faces a hard dilemma

Just look at this gorgeous woman. RazorCandi is a perfectionist, there’s no doubt about that. Her outfit, a skin tight, revealing mesh bodysuit, perfectly matches her ombre grey/black wig and metallic eyeshadow. She is suited in a minimalistic futuristic-looking hotel room. This gives way to a unique atmosphere: she seems like an intergalactic queen of a universe not far from ours. She rules fiercely and demands complete obedience. She is to be worshiped and satisfied at all times. Beware, though; not everyone who attempts to serve her survives to tell the tale.

This is not only a set of delicious photos, but also a video. The video is haunting but extremely erotic. The music is brilliant; atmospheric and intense, the camera and editing on spot. You will be taken in her cold but very tempting world of sin. She will seduce you and slowly reveal more of herself.

Here is the dilemma: she has 3 dildos to chose from for her pleasure tonight. Since they are all perfect for her she gets on her knees and gives all of them a taste. This will help her decide which on she will take inside…

You probably know that this variety-loving beauty has a RazorCandi coffee table art book coming out and we’re told that preorders for the RazorCandi coffee table art book are going to cut off soon and then you’ll have to wait months for the official bookstore on-sale, so I recommend checking it out now to not miss out.

Razor Candi writes:

Oh my, why it looks like I’m stuck in quite the dilemma! Maybe a little game of Eeny Meeny Miny Mo might help, or maybe I’ll just let the cock choose me 😉 Clearly taking advantage of the location I just had to use the glass wall to get myself up to no good. Hope you all enjoy this long set but don’t forget to check out the video too where I take things in a slightly different direction than where the shoot ends!

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