Razor Candi Gets Risky Out In Public

Razor Candi has balls (obviously very metaphorically), I’ll give her that. Shooting this set (in a bar) had a few close calls, but as far as I know no one caught her. And I think anyone who gets the chance to see this set is thankful for that.

This is pure grungy, drivey, punk-fucking-rock. Taken in a bar in Puerto Rico with a wall full of signatures, drawings, and anything else people have written on there, the background even manages to have more ink than the gorgeous girl in front of it- but don’t think for a second that the backdrop takes away from Razor Candi for a split second. The gorgeous girl is still front a center and the first thing your eye gravitates towards.

You probably know that this gutsy beauty has a RazorCandi coffee table art book coming out and we’re told that preorders for the RazorCandi coffee table art book are going to cut off soon and then you’ll have to wait months for the official bookstore on-sale, so I recommend checking it out now to not miss out.

Razor Candi writes:

A quick fun set shot at a dive bar called El Batey during my trip in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I snuck off to the back area to make my mark on the wall and realized it was very brightly lit from a flood light and figured why not grab some awesome shots! This is when my new iphone really comes in handy! Though it was risky because it was just a big open space where the restrooms were located so anyone could have walked back at any time, catching me flashing my lady bits, and though there were a few close calls I still managed to shoot enough hot photos to complete a short set! Hope you have fun watching me appease the exhibitionist in me 😉

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