GodsGirls: Ursinae Relaxes You With Her Sex Appeal

With a set of flowers on her head, amazing tattoos all over her body (I especially like the one on her left arm!) and a look on her face that mystifies both of your brains, Ursinae and GodsGirls have delivered what is sure to grow into an iconic photo shoot. Ursinae is cosplaying as the Earl of Hell, Furfur, which is also how this album got its name.

Furfur is a being that causes love and thunderstorms alike, and Ursinae is doing a great job at being Furfur, only much prettier. She will have her own twenty-nine legions of followers soon enough, since she inspires love in our heads and raging storms of warm, yearning mist down below the belt. One by one, she removes the excess clothing, leaving only the leather straps to hug her smooth, delicious skin. In the end I believe both her and the audience will be satisfied with Ursinae‘s amazing body and artistic photography skills.

GodsGirls: Ursinae Relaxes You With Her Sex Appeal
GodsGirls writes:

Name Ursinae
Age 99
Gender breakfast
Relationship Status Open Relationship
Sexy Orientation Pansexual
Occupation artist
Location France
Sign Libra
About Me I’m a jill of all trades. Queer, pangender, pansexual. I wanna try it all, taste every flavors, travel everywhere, choose every colors. Life is too small for me.
Why Im a GodsGirl I’ve been led astray into a new haven
Superhero Power I stop watches and make everyone cook for me
Sexual fantasy a proper spelling and a good etymology
Weapon of Choice Cold, planned revenge
Hobbies finding out star sign at first look
Music Timber Timbre, Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Archive, Ibeyi, David Bowie
Movies Gattaca, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Fall
Books The Left Hand of Darkness, American Gods, Gormenghast
TV Steven Universe, the OA, Jessica Jones
Birthday oct 01
Who I Idolize anyone who cooks me breakfast
Goals breakfast
Bedtime attire breakfast
Nerdy Secret Pleasure breakfast
Unicorn or Pegasus? breakfast

GodsGirls: Ursinae Relaxes You With Her Sex Appeal
GodsGirls: Ursinae Relaxes You With Her Sex Appeal
GodsGirls: Ursinae Relaxes You With Her Sex Appeal

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