BurningAngel: Honey Gold Has A Memorable First Time

The amazing Joanna Angel guides Burning Angel newcomer Honey Gold into the grasp of the very capable Small Hands. Queen Joanna high fives the experienced cocksman as the first-timer Honey Gold struggles to take the huge cock of her dreams into her willing mouth.

I always love seeing girls getting down for the first time in a porn film. You can see that while they may be well practiced when it comes to their personal lives, bringing it to an audience is a completely different experience. It shows in Honey’s first performance. I can see in her eyes that she lights up with every thrust. This may be her first, but it is most certainly not her last.

There isn’t a moment that goes by that Honey isn’t smiling (except when she’s being gagged by the cock, of course). In the end, Joanna Angel asks how it was, and Honey Gold’s own words best sum up the experience. “That was fucking amazing, that was amazing.”

Burning Angel writes:

Welcome brand new starlet Honey Gold to the Burning Angel family! She’s an elegant mix of Cantonese, African-American, Cherokee Indian, Irish and Mongolian – and one of the most stunning beauties I’ve seen. Honey’s very first porn scene ever with BA house-cock Small Hands is FIRE! Queen Joanna Angel gets Honey to open up and gives her a lesson in Porno 101 – how to striptease for cameras, crawling on hands and knees – all the classic moves! After a little face-sucking of their own, this brand new switch fucks on camera like she’s done it a million times before. What a natural!

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