TheAriDee: Of Talismans and Black Birds

It is so hard for me to write about this set without getting emotional. Not just because it’s hard to keep your blood cold in front of a stunningly hot body like that of Ari Dee, but because the video soundtrack was my first contact ever with a music that went beyond mainstream (I’ll leave you to discover it on your own, but the hint is in the article’s title).

The hypnotic dance of Ari Dee’s talisman in front of the camera will keep you longing to see more, teasing you to discover the marble beauty hidden behind the black dress. I’ll leave the details of the discovery to you, but I am every set more convinced that no amount of Ari Dee will ever be too much for me.

Ari Dee:

Oh look, the talisman brings you good fortune already.. you are graced with wonderful visions of.. T&A! 😛 Enjoy this video I made to accompany my ‘Talisman’ photo set.. as I dance, sway and show off my booty..

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