Burning Angel: Sierra Cure’s Shiny, Shiny Pants

Alternative lifestyle may mean a lot of things. One of the many meanings is: explore. As far as we’re concerned, explore new horizons of aesthetics, of beauty, of sexuality. Sierra Cure is everything but ordinary, all but canonical. Thin and with incredibly large eyes, every detail of her aspect seems chosen to explore these new dimensions: her tattoos, her hairstyle, her ear stretchers.

In this set she takes off some very shiny and very tiny pants and leave her with just incredibly high pompadour shoes for your viewing pleasure and education. I suggest you to watch her closely, as she’s the kind of model that has hidden surprises.

Burning Angel writes:

Sierra Cure is giving me serious glitter goth boners right now with those tight shiny black pants and her sky high pompadour. Now spread those cheeks! Mmmmm

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