Cosmid: Harley’s Sailor Stockings

“I love stockings. Tights, thigh highs, full body, whatever.”

Yup, I’m with whoever wrote this. Aren’t you? Who doesn’t love tights, stockings, thigh highs- hell even a cute pair of socks go a long way! And in this set Harley has a very cute pair of blue and white stockings. Along with her bright red hair and her gorgeous body, it’s hard to look away from these pictures. See for yourself! Harley is a young girl with a killer body and all the right curves. The kind of girl that, if I were a little less confident with myself, I would be jealous of! And the kind of girl that every man would be drooling over- but the best part of her set is that she just looks like she’s having a frekin’ blast. Her eyes just sparkle and I love it! Then again, if I had sailor tights I would probably look that happy too.

Cosmid writes:

I love stockings. Tights, thigh highs, full body, whatever. I love them all. But when this girl has them on I like them even more. Here is Harley looking totally amazing in this outfit and then even more amazing when it comes off. This girl is breathtaking.


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