CaitieRage: damn, that ASS!

This is my first time watching CaitieRage. I’ve heard about her as she’s been nominated for our upcoming AltPorn Awards but never had the pleasure of seeing her perform. From what I’ve seen so far I just wish I’d gotten the chance sooner. CaitieRage is a cool punk rock chick. I love her music taste and I love her style: she’s the real deal. Then there’s that flawless ass of all asses mmm… She must know it looks banging because for the majority of her show she had the cam centered on it. You got plenty of chances to see it bounce, shake, and just do its thing. Like that wasn’t awesome enough she took off her fishnet top and proved that her tits are just as great. CaitieRage is the full package. Check her out and get to know her a little better: it’s still not too late to cast your vote.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

I do a lot… mostly naked and full of attitude. Camgirl – Dork – Canadian – Lover of Loud @RagerRadio – AWA Best Squirt ’16 – Current #XBIZ and #AltPorn Nom

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