Emerald smokes to have fun

When we see a girl in her Star Wars girltrunks trying to figure out what she wants to do while home alone, we know something good is gonna come out of it. GodsGirls’ Emerald surprises this time with a very hot 420 photoshoot to show us she can balance both sexy and nerdy sides. This hottie is reading something in bed while she is thinking about the possible things she could do to spend her time. Since she’s feeling in the mood for a smoke, she grabs a pipe and lights it. She enjoys doing it, but she starts feeling kinky. She takes advantage of being alone in her room and gives the best use to a gag ball. The idea is wonderful, but it isn’t complete without giving some pleasure to the pink walls of her hairy wet pussy. Emerald‘s natural appeal makes us enjoy the good time she has by satisfying her desires. Her glasses and her hair pulled back drive us insane, and if we focus on the way she looks at the camera, the scene could be worth watching the whole day.

GodsGirls writes:

I’ve been putting a lot of overtime into unlearning my self-hatred and replacing it with appreciation and self-love, and I feel like this awesome, supportive community can help me achieve that while also giving me the opportunity to lift up and encourage others to embrace themselves as well!


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