CosplayErotica: Zorah is Mass Effect’s Miranda Lawson

While some of us are tired of the same mainstream cosplays, there’s a site that gets us, where hot girls cosplay amazing characters, and that is CosplayErotica.

One of the sexiest cosplays here is definitely Zorah‘s take on the Mass Effect’s Miranda Lawson. Her costume is really on point, and if fits her so fucking perfect, sliding off her hot body, and making that gorgeous Cerberus ass look even better. This Miranda cosplay is pretty naughty, as Zorah takes off parts of her costume to show off her tits and pretty pussy, and rubbing herself wet.

There is also a video where you can admire this erotic cosplay even better, and Zorah‘s sexy body, with a lot of hot action and closeups of her great ass and pussy. Check it out!

CosplayErotica writes:

Zorah is Miranda Lawson character from Mass Effect game. “I’m an excellent judge of character. I think you’ll find my assessments to be right on the money.”

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