StaggStreet: It’s Easter Frenzy!

Easter has always been a holiday dedicated to celebrating new life after the cold winter months. Going from the hardships of winter (they didn’t have malls with central heating back then) to new crops in the field, hens laying eggs again and life celebrating itself with colorful flowers, buzzing insects, pollens and allergies.

Fertility is the word, and I can hardly think of a model more suited to celebrate fertility than Jelena Jensen and her big beautiful and natural… eyes. She is not just charming and elegant, but also has a wonderful body that cries out to all your fertility receptors out there, especially with all the sexual innuendo that lies in this set.

In this StaggStreet shoot, she’ll go from playing with easter eggs to eating bunny candies, and all of that with nothing to wear but rabbit ears. Eggs and bunnies, gimme a piece of Easter right away!

StaggStreet: It's Easter Frenzy!
Stagg Street writes:

I weirdly love Easter, and not cause of the religious stuff, I love the candy, eggs and bunnies. And what better way to celebrate then with Naked Jelena in bunny ears!!!! I’m posting polaroids to this set on Patreon, but you will love this set too.

StaggStreet: It's Easter Frenzy!

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