GodsGirls: Sadie Eggs-straordiary beauty

This one, is a naughty bunny, and it comes with corsets, fishnets and high heels, to fulfill your every fantasy. The lovely and wicked hot Sadie has taken a very unique and quite erotic, definitely arousing photo set. She has bunny ears, a lovely black corset, fishnet stockings and high heels. These pictures are mind-blowing, and Sadie is cute as hell, and sexy as fuck, her boobs look perfect in that corset, and her sumptuous ass will make you want to spank it. She also has a egg-like lollipop and she takes exciting pictures, so you’ll surely enjoy Easter this year. Check out the entire photo set on GodsGirls.

GodsGirls writes:

Don’t put me in a box, mister, because I don’t fit…. I like to laugh. A lot. If you make me do so, we will be friends forever

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