GodsGirls: Laura cotton tail

Laura makes an ideal bunny, and she’s freaking hot. She has a sexy white corset, fluffy bunny ears and, to make the bunny costume even more interesting, a bow and a little cotton tail. She also has a little chocolate egg, and she eats it very sensually. After a few arousing poses on the bed, Laura slowly takes of her corset and panties, teasing the viewer before showing off her busty breasts and sumptuous ass. She turns her back on the camera, her ass and butterfly wings look gorgeous. Make sure you go on GodsGirls to check out the full photo set, you are going to love this bunny!

GodsGirls writes:

I’m always making something new, usually to do with sewing, cosplay and LARP. I love throwing GeekChic in with high fashion! I’m absolutely ADDICTED to ink because it’s the perfect way for a person like me to express myself, I wear my heart on my sleeve!

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