GodsGirls: Jayne- Rabbit

Jayne is a very beautiful tattooed babe, with lots of creative ideas, this photo set is just one of them. I loved how she combined her beautiful personality, kind of metal/goth but also cute, and her setting is just perfect. Jayne is posing outside, there is a lot of green, a lot of wood, and her mysterious ad alluring self, dressed in black, with an elegant bow tie and bunny ears.The transparent dress and knee high stockings accentuate her curvy features, and the pictures get hotter and hotter as she undresses.Jayne is a perfect bunny with a wicked hot stare, great ass and perfect boobs, make sure to check the whole gallery!

GodsGirls writes:

Hi, Im a full time professional model I do work ranging from lingerie to heavy bondage and suspension work. I love being naked!! Im a proper alternative rock chick, metal is my favourite type of music along with industrial, but i secretly love abit of classical piano 🙂 Im into a lot of weird things and im probably a cross between a goth, a punk and a barbie I have 12 tattoos currently and 10 piercings contantly getting more because I Love art, expressionism and I think they are dead hot! Im an easy going person who loves a laugh

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