GodsGirls: Tersh eggcellent

GodsGirls has pretty models, and they all love the holidays and dressing up, they put a lot of effort to fulfill your fantasies and they look great doing it. Tersh is a great model, and she just posted her most recent photo shoot, an Easter themed one of course, and to quote her words, it’s “eggcellent”. She has a tiny bunny costume, ears, bow tie and tail, and a white top and panties, which she takes of to show us her gorgeous body. Tersh is looking very sexy and cute with her pony tails and tattoos, and her body is flawless, you’ll surely wish for this bunny to visit you on Easter!

GodsGirls writes:

Anyways my Easter set should be coming out today, I hope you guys likes it! While I was shoot it Ty kept getting in the way,.. lucky he is cute!

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