BlueBlood: Penny, Snakes and Gods

Sometimes my mind wanders a bit in a set’s imagery. Snakes: a symbol as ancient as mankind, both positive and negative, so rich in meaning that it can’t be even summarized here; there are snake myths in places where there aren’t even snakes. Wings and feathers: symbol of divinity, of detachment from earth. Mix the two in a tumbler and what you get? Quetzalcoatl, Aztec patron of the arts and learning? Yes, but in this case what you really get is a forked tongue, sexy hot model: Penny Poison.

If you don’t know this gorgeous lady yet, we are talking about a serpentine beauty with an hypnotic gaze, one of the kind you would never stop looking. Yield to Penny Poison‘s coils, and let yourself be carried away from earthly burdens on BlueBlood/GothicSluts.

BlueBlood: Penny, Snakes and Gods
Blue Blood writes:

The incredible Penny Poison is just finishing up an intense three month performance tour. The stage costume outfit she is wearing in this set, shot by yours truly and Forrest Black, is all clothing she customized herself. Red feathers feels like just the thing for Valentines Day. Happy February, everyone!
–Amelia G

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