Blue Friday with AlienElf420

It’s a shame there are not more people up for sexy cool AlienElf420 right now. She’s got her color coordinated Bad-Dragon Tenticle and the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand we wrote up in APN Magazine issue 1 all ready to go. I hate when I’m up late (or early) and I’m ready to have crazy fun but everyone I know is crashed out. I do enjoy seeing AlienElf420 online. She has such a good sense of style. Even her sexy panties match her overall blue vibe. Plus, AlienElf420 is playing some super cool moody sexy music for her dedicated fans. Check out her profile for Mega Raffle details.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

About Me
Username: AlienElf420
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Sexual Preference:

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