SugaryBunny Shakes Her Juicy Derrière

SugaryBunny is waiting for you to join her in her pleasant show where she is treating you to lots of booty shakes to go crazy for, while wearing a see-through lingerie that accentuates the shape of her fantastic ass, which you can see in great detail as she wiggles it for you, turning up the heat in her room.

A thing that you’ll certainly enjoy on this show (aside from the adorable lady in front of you) is the way in which the straps of her bra fall from her shoulders. That loose state you’ll find them in is an alluring invitation in itself, as if it said “get ready for more”, and she intensifies this sensation with some surreptitious flashes of her soft pink nipples, as she keeps charming you with her cute and sexy looks.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

hihi! you can call me Usagi or Bunny! ^_^ i’m a Canadian cam girl and i started on MyFreeCams in September of 2014. i’ve made lots of great friends and i really enjoy my job, you can often find me cosplaying, in some sort of everyday cosplay outfit, or just chilling! i love to dress up though!~

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