BurningAngel: Small Hands Nails A Very Wednesday Adams Holly Hendrix

Hey, have you seen the Wednesday Adams cosplay Holly Hendrix does? It’s as hot as the love between Morticia and Gomez. I really feel like Holly Hendrix pulls off the role of the emotionally detached (just look at the last pic!) gothic girl damn well but more than that I love the fact it seems like Holly Hendrix and Small Hands had fun with the set as a whole, just look at some of the pictures.

Also, can we just talk about the adorable AF dress this girl is sporting? I mean, she’s not wearing it long but with Small Hands in the room you can’t blame the girl.

Burning Angel writes:

Holly Hendrix takes the role of our favorite OG creepy emo goth girl Wednesday Addams. Small Hands comes to kill his girl, but then ends up having a change of heart, confessing his true feelings for his dear when he finds her apparently dead with a cord around her neck! But she was only napping, being stirred awake by talk of pummeling her asshole and murder. He touched her cold dark soul in a way that no one ever has before – and she wanted his cock for her own, to be inside of her, pleasuring her and making her cum! It’s a true morbid love-story that climaxes with anal and loads of jizz!

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