DawnAvril and Azrael licking a lolipop

If you don’t know DawnAvril yet, you are missing out.

She is a hot punk rock chick, and I think this video in particular will show just hot hot she is, because she is sharing a sweet red lolipop with another hot girl, Azrael. They play sweet innocent girls at the beginning asking what should they do with the lolipop, then they lift up their shirts, to show off their amazing tits, and DawnAvril starts licking the lolipop, giving Azrael no choice but to join in if she wants a taste of that sweet candy. Their lips and tongues touch in the most sensual and erotic manner, making you long for something sweet.

Make sure to check the whole video, to enjoy this sweet sensual encounter to the fullest!

DawnAvril writes:

Dawn Avril and Azrael share a lolipop

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