GodsGirls: Mandy Gets Playful In The Parking Garage

So I can’t say that I spend a lot of time in parking garages, but after this set I just might. I mean, you never know what freakin’ gorgeous, black haired, tattooed girl like Mandy is going to be hanging around nude.

When it comes to this set there isn’t a boring picture. It’s just that simple. Mandy is all smiles and fun. She’s all fun and she shows it. She makes looking at the set so much fun. Well, more fun than it would have been otherwise. This is just full on playful between the parking garage, Mandy getting a little dirty, and the way Mandy has fun with this set… well, I’ve already said it- it makes me want to go hang out at some parking garages. But let’s talk for a split second about those gorgeous ass tattoos. I mean, just look at them.

GodsGirls writes:

slippery, denim, parking garage, hark hair


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